The art work I created over the years always followed the same pattern:

After awhile I would feel like a factory worker doing the same thing over and over.

And then Barbie came into my life when I happened across The 5th Annual Altered Barbie Show in San Francisco in 2007. Not only can I paint , work with clay and plaster I can also do her make-up, hair do, make clothes, cut in piece and chop, slice and dice her. I am never bored with Barbie.

And if all of that was not enough for motivation, now I can continue to spend money at the thrift stores, garage sales and flea markets without feeling guilty for spending money on things I donít need. I have no particular connection with Barbie. I did not have one when I was a kid and had no desire for one.

I have won several awards for my work at the National Barbie Doll Convention and at the International Fashion Doll Show. Each is a One Of A Kind (OOAK). I leave pictures of the SOLD pieces up for your inspiration as well as the available ones. I also do custom work.

LaVonne Sallee,

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